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Well Construction

Date uploaded: 20/07/2014

Date uploaded: 20/07/2014

Construction of a water well in North East Sri Lanka, one of many funded by Child Aid Lanka, visit our web site - Help us to bring desperately needed water for drinking and agriculture to displaced communities in war torn Sri Lanka

Date uploaded: 11/01/2015

A community of war widows in Sri Lanka dig a well to help grow and sell vegetables and thus sustain their families. Child Aid Lanka is funding the completion of this well through their partner organisation KKM.

Date uploaded: 28/02/2015

Using locally trained artisans, we fund the construction of this well in Northern Sri Lanka for families of war refugees. This water is used for drinking, bathing and also crop cultivation and thus brings income to families often headed by war widows. This income helps in the education of children, helping to break the cycle of poverty.

Date uploaded: 07/03/2015

Two wells built for a community of war refugees, infrastructure projects such as these help communities rise out of poverty in a sustainable way.

Date uploaded: 15/09/2015