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Students Progressing Well

The first 27 students on the Child Aid Lanka sponsored computer course in Jaffna are progressing well.

The ‘Future Kids’ course run by IIT is specially designed as an introduction to computers for under 16s – taking account of the fact that for many of the students this would be the first time they had used a computer.

The ‘class of 2012’ started on 16 April, with students attending two afternoons per week after their normal schooling; they are normally taught in two classes.

The course started with a general introduction to computers and their use, followed by familiarisation with the computer and use of the desktop and mouse. The students are now getting to grips with Microsoft Word.

Child Aid Lanka monitors the students’ attendance and the progress they are making, receiving regular reports from the staff and teachers at IIT.

The students took their first exam last week, and they are making good progress.