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Run by volunteers so every penny reaches those who need it

About Child Aid Lanka

Child Aid Lanka is an independent, apolitical, multi-ethnic association, that has been raising funds to help the underprivileged children of Sri Lanka since 1998.

Child Aid Lanka supports a range of projects which it delivers through carefully selected partners and community-based charitable organisations in Sri Lanka. Using personal contacts and working with organisations that understand local conditions, Child Aid Lanka can ensure that money and effort is directed effectively to help those in need.

For information about these projects and Child Aid Lanka’s work in Sri Lanka, see Projects > Constructing Wells, Computer Education, Previous Projects

Child Aid Lanka works with groups and individuals that share its aims and is building links with the Sri Lankan diaspora across the world.

Child Aid Lanka was established in 1998 by a group of expatriate Sri Lankans and friends of Sri Lanka living in the UK. For more information about the history of Child Aid Lanka, see Origin of Child Aid Lanka.

Child Aid Lanka is an unincorporated voluntary association and a registered charity, charity number 1115204.

To find out how you can help Child Aid Lanka to help the children of Sri Lanka, go to Support us.